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12/9/2016 : 2:51 am : +0100

Jobs in the Norwegian Health System


Norway is (unfortunately) not a member of the  EU, but the country is close associated to the EU  (EEC). In respect of this it is very easy to obtain work and accommodation rights in Norway.

Labour condition and the quality of life is on a high level in this beaitifull country. And it is not all such as dark as many people believe. There are plenty of openenings, also in the medical field. As in all countries, protected occupations must to be registered at the governmental councils. We can assist you with this process. The process is more or less easy for EU/EEC Citizens.

To start the application process we need to have your CV in english language at least. At the 1. interview it is good enough to speak good english, but nevertheless the prospective employer will receive an good impression if you could speak some words in norwegian. At least you must be willing to adapt the language quickly.

Panacea 4U has setup in Hamburg special weekend-seminares for a crash-course in norwegian. After this weekend you will be able to speak some thing in norwegian. If you are interested you can pre-register her  without any further bondings.

The openings will be situated in the whole of Norway.

Country Information Norway, click her please!